Dr Cutts (and family’s) Latest Dental Adventures!

I like it when my work has some adventure to it!

Several Fridays ago I finished a full-mouth surgical case and put-in the first dentures for a rancher who lived high up in the mountains toward Idyllwild. Normally it is important to see this patient the next day (when they’re awake!) to make sure he has the adjustments necessary to be fully comfortable. Problem is the next day was Saturday! As I talked to his wife, I realized there was a perfect solution—I was driving right by his ranch on the way to the desert for a family outing. So the next day, after driving 8 miles off the main road through 1000’s of rattlesnakes and a few mountain lions— (I’m sure I saw at least one!) we arrived in the outback country at his remote and beautiful ranch. He was doing fine, but needed to have an adjustment at the back of the denture for swallowing. That takes a dental laboratory drill, but when you’re doing a high-adventure “dental safari” you improvise!

I asked him if he had a *dremel. “Of course I have a *dremel— I use it on horse hoofs to trim and polish them!”

“Do you mind if I use it on your denture?”

“H___ No!” he said, “if that’ll get’er done!”

ImageSo I grabbed the horse hoof trimmer and inserted the largest grinding bit and “RRRRRRRRRRR”, I had it trimmed in no-time.

There was even a nail buffer for the big rascals that I used for polishing the denture!! (Note to self; are there Vietnamese horse nail-salons??)

We stayed a while, and enjoyed the view down over the valley, while sipping on frosty iced teas. My wife managed to step on one of the cats tails— screeeeeccchhhh!!!! So then of course we had to stay a while and make up with all seven of them!!!

(They were all hiding under beds with terrified faces!)

Eventually, we piled back in the four-wheel, waved goodbye to the rancher and his very nice wife and bounced down-off the road in a cloud of dust.

Adventure! You never know where it will find you!

If  you live on a ranch, or some other adventurous place, maybe we’ll visit you too!

Just have the tool shed ready!

Yours in Adventuring,

Dr. Dave Cutts DDS

*a dremel is a high-speed rotary hand tool with various attachments which fit in the rotating end-for various uses.

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