Peace Of Mind Dentistry (A Shorty Story about Al)

“A Dentist I Can Trust” – A Short Story About Al

Al came to me for a second opinion several weeks ago. His first words were, “I just want a dentist I can trust.” He was frustrated, and frankly a little leery, because he had been told that nothing could be done with the 6-tooth bridge that had been his entire smile. His only option was 10,000 dollars of implants…that day. The truth is he did need those implants if he wanted to avoid a denture.

But the good news was that he didn’t need them “immediately” as he had been told because, with a little cleaning-up of the support tooth that had broken, I cemented the bridge back on in 45 minutes. And for a small fraction of what he had been told he would have to spend. This gave Al the time he needed, maybe 6 months to a year, to prepare himself for implants to support a new bridge.

When I finished that day, Al asked me, “why didn’t the other dentists that I went to suggest this?” The truth is that they did, in fact, recommend what was standard accepted procedure—this bridge was not salvageable—if I “went by the book”. But I specialize in people who have complex dental problems-and not all of their problems can be solved “by the book”. I am told that I am an “unusual” dentist because I listen to what my patients want and try to do what they ask whenever possible.

Also I consider it my responsibility to fit the best care possible within their budget–not mine! I call this “Peace of Mind Dentistry” because that’s exactly what Al and the rest of my patients thank me for; Straight talk that makes sense that gives them “Peace of Mind!”

If you or someone you know wants some “straight answers and Peace of Mind” regarding their teeth, give them this story and they can have a free, no-obligation consultation with me.

To Your Health in 2013!

Dr. Dave Cutts DDS

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