Periodontal (Gum)

Periodontal TemeculaWhile many people think of dentists in connection with making healthy teeth only, in actual fact, the teeth must be supported by healthy surrounding structures to be in truly good shape. Inflamed gums and periodontal disease left untreated can lead to vast dental complications later on. Periodontitis can be particularly insidious, as there are frequently no obvious symptoms or pain even when the supporting structures of the teeth are on the verge of falling apart.

At Dr. Cutts’ Center for Adult Dentistry, we know the importance of early detection and treatment of periodontal disease and we practice this daily through our checkups. We also work towards prevention of periodontal issues by providing instruction in correct dental hygiene practices.

Healthy gums and jawbones are the foundation of a healthy mouth. With proper care, your teeth can remain firmly rooted in healthy tissues and continue to function as they should for many years to come.

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