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Dear Friends & Patients, a recent Patient Success Story for you!
Dr. Cutts & Team

Success Story

 I had never seen a dentist in my life before I saw Dr. Cutts! My dad was a single parent of two kids (me & my brother) and we genetically had good teeth, so the need for seeing a dentist never came my way until 20 years later when my wisdom teeth started coming through and causing my a lot of pain!

Even when I was in pain, I kept putting it off due to a fear I had of operations & dental work – I thought that this was going to be somewhat of a torturous procedure with lots of pain & drugs… finally I gave in as the pain of my wisdom teeth coming through was just too much.

Dr. Cutts really impressed me with the smoothness in which he completed this procedure. He was so calm, confident and relaxed that I had no hesitation that he knew exactly what he was doing. He was very professional, he took his time and made sure he got the product I wanted – wisdom teeth extracted pain-free & my poor little teeth finally out of pain!!!

At the end of the procedure I was very happy with the work he had done, there was absolutely no pain and he even offered my wine sedation so that I didn’t have to take any heavy narcotics! This provided me with a happy/ content feeling about the operation and made me more relaxed as I went through the procedure.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Cutts to anyone and everyone who needs any sort of Dental Work. He is one of the most kindest, caring, trustworthy dentists anyone could ask for! Especially if you have a fear or nervousness about seeing the dentist, Dr. Cutts is the man to see! – S.D.

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