Teeth in a Day

If you’ve heard the phrase “Teeth in a Day” at some point, you may be wondering if it’s really possible to replace all of your teeth in just one day. With the revolutionary All-on-4 dental implant system (another name for Teeth in a Day), this is more than just a phrase. It’s a reality.

All-on-4 is an excellent solution for anyone who is missing most or all of their teeth and would like to avoid dentures. With just four dental implants that fuse to your jawbone and prevent bone loss, you’ll enjoy a beautiful set of permanent new teeth for the rest of your life.

Best of all, the procedure can take mere hours.

The Benefits of Teeth in a Day
Traditional dentures come with a variety of inconveniences and can potentially have a negative affect on your quality of life. They’re difficult to maintain, uncomfortable and leave you more prone to embarrassing situations. All-on-4, on the other hand, doesn’t have any of these disadvantages. Here are some of the benefits of Teeth in a Day:

  • With a price, customized design, they’re extremely comfortable
  • Since they’re not removable, you don’t have to worry about shifting or slippage when you speak and eat
  • The premium titanium implants and durable prosthesis give you superior biting power and better overall function
  • Since implants fuse to your bone, they prevent bone loss, facial structure collapse and the development of wrinkles
  • They’re beautiful and look just like your natural teeth

While All-on-4 has a higher initial cost than other tooth replacement solutions, the dental implant system pays dividends over the course of your lifetime.

How Teeth in a Day Work
Put simply, the treatment for All-on-4 involves the patient receiving a temporary acrylic (esthetic resin) set of teeth that screw onto 4-to-6 implants the same day the implants are inserted into the jawbone. While the main part of the procedure takes place in one day, the most important and critical part of this treatment is the planning and preparation process.

Here’s how the process for Teeth in a Day works:

  1. Initial consultation and examination
  2. Diagnostic records (impressions, photos, bite registration, Conebeam CT Scan), followed by a discussion and presentation of plan (review risks of proposed plan, review sequence and guidelines, arrange surgery and teeth delivery)
  3. Surgery (remove teeth, insert implants; takes 2-3 hours) and insertion of immediate/temporary acrylic teeth
  4. Evaluations after 24 hours and one week
  5. 8 to 12 weeks of healing (more time may be needed or requested by the patient)
  6. Fabrication of final prostheses (4-6 visits) and placement

Am I a Candidate for Teeth in a Day?

Teeth in a Day are a great option for anyone who desires a highly functional and esthetic option to replace all of his or her teeth. With proper planning, most people have adequate bone for the dental implants used in All-on-4. In some situations, the patient’s bone may not be adequate for implants, so bone grafting may be necessary. Ultimately, our All-on-4 treatment is suitable for most people in Temecula and the surrounding areas.

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