Dr Cutts Testimonials“He [Dr. Cutts] is the only dentist that I am happy to go see! It takes me about an hour to drive to their office, but it is definitely worth the extra trouble…knowing that I will be treated by the most competent dentist and staff that I’ve ever known.” — Dan S.  (Review from Facebook)

“Without a doubt this was the best experience I’ve ever had at a dental office! Dr Cutts was friendly, efficient and fast. He patiently explained everything that was going on with my teeth and what he proposed to do. He kept me informed throughout the procedure and made sure I was not uncomfortable. He went out of his way to accommodate my requests. I felt truly cared for! Everyone in the office was friendly and helpful. I highly and confidently recommend this dentist.” — Jim F.  (Review from Yelp)

Dr Cutts Adult Dentistry Testimonials“Dr. Cutts and his staff are friendly and professional. I’ve been there for cleanings and fillings, and my sister has been there for a crown—as well as taking her daughter for root canals.  Dr. Cutts has never been anything other than completely helpful and attentive, and has continued to deliver reliable and excellent service to our family for years. Definitely recommended!” — Carlie D.  (Review from Yelp)

“I’m very particular about my dental care since I used to be a dental assistant, and I know average from excellent dental procedures. When I called to inquire about an emergency appointment, the receptionist greeted me warmly and got me in at a time convenient for me. The next day, I met the rest of the staff and Dr. Cutts. Everybody was friendly, professional, and very helpful. Dr. Cutts took his time to explain what he saw and how he would proceed. I didn’t hesitate to have him make a new crown and since I don’t have dental insurance, I sure appreciated the option of financing the costs. Since I live in the country, his office is a bit of a drive, however, I look forward to making that drive now, as I have chosen him to be my new dentist. I highly recommend his office to anybody looking for a professional and caring dentist and friendly staff, especially if you are over 50.” — Julie R.  (Review excerpted from Facebook)

Temecula Adult Dentist“Are you afraid of the dentist? I am!  I used to do the white knuckle, shake and cry routine, until a friend told me about Dr. Cutts and sedation dentistry. When I called to set up my consultation I explained that I was terrified, that it had been a number of years since I had been to a dentist but that my past experiences had always been traumatizing. They reassured me that I was not alone and that they would ‘get me through this.’ On my first visit, Dr. Cutts and his staff were compassionate and caring, taking a small step at a time. We discussed what options were available to me in regards to sedation. Never once did they make me feel embarrassed about my fear. Initially I set up a sedation appointment to get me caught up and to take care of everything in one visit. Since then, I have been back for routine cleanings and a crown. I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Dr. Cutts and his amazing staff, I don’t know that I would be back at the dentist.” — Monica A.  (Review excerpted from Yelp)

Cutts DDS“I am petrified of the dentist. In fact, I neglected my mouth for 20 years…but I found Dr. Cutts once my mouth was so bad that I couldn’t even sleep because I was in so much pain. The staff got me in the next day, even though I had never been to them before. They got me on antibiotics that helped with the pain right away and within two weeks I had my first surgery to get my mouth in order. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this office. His staff is sweet and understanding and he is just a genuinely nice guy. A great small town dentist!” — Robin R.  (Review excerpted from Yelp)

This office is great. I literally drive an hour to go here and it’s well worth it. Great Doctor, great staff. You end up leaving smiling and wanting to show off that newly improved smile.” — Ben H.  (Review from Facebook)