The Women In My Life – Part One

(Originally written in 2006 and sent out in a newsletter)

Not until recently have I come to grasp the full effect of working with nine women and also having five at home. Here are the top ten signs that mine is a female world:

  1. I like shopping at Linens and Things.
  2. I naturally use the word “cute”—as in, “That’s cute!”
  3. I eat more chocolates than ever.
  4. I went shopping, came home and showed my wife every item—each time repeating, “And it was on sale for $…!”
  5. I go to chick flicks every weekend. (Special note: Thanks to my wife for going to “Master and Commander” with me. That makes it now 52 for her and 1 for me!)
  6. I think Johnny Depp is cute.
  7. I shave my legs, too (OK, that’s not true)
  8. I flick my hair nervously around beautiful women (OK, that isn’t either!)
  9. I take longer than ever to get ready to go out.
  10. I think all guys are clueless and are in need of extensive training by clever women.

I want to thank Colonel Herb Fogarty (USMC ret.) Richard, Greg, Wayne and all the guys who come into the office (and outside it) and provide some male bonding. Thank you guys!

But I do get opportunities for payback. As you can see from the picture above, my daughters are capable of bringing boys onto the scene. And I take full advantage of every one of the boys’ phone calls and appearances to properly embarrass my girls. (For some reason even the slightest movement suggesting dancing to any music is the most effective!)

Actually, for the record, I am proud of every one of them. They all understand the importance of earning their way and they work and contribute to the family and office.

Stay tuned for my next Top Ten list!

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